Dr Mags

Very few people know at the  age of  7  exactly  what they want to  do  for the rest of their lives. Growing up in Namibia and  being  exposed to  animals and wildlife  from  an early  age she  knew that  she wanted to dedicate  her life to helping  animals.   After  finishing  school in  Windhoek she completed her 1st year  BSc at  the University of Stellenbosch with  honors  before transferring to  Onderstepoort  at  the University of  Pretoria.  After  qualifying  she went to practice in  the UK  to gain invaluable experience, working with specialists such as  Dr  Richard  Bleckman  (Winner Vet of the Year Award 2000)  where she  gained  insight into complementary medicine and specialist surgery. She then  took  charge of a  branch practice for a large 1st  opinion referral  group. It  was   here  that  she  gained   experience  in  advanced  techniques  such  as laparoscopic spays  and cardiac ultrasound.

Her dream  however,  was  to move  back to  South Africa and open  her own  practice to  offer  the  same  high  standard  of  veterinary  care in  Cape Town.  She moved back in 2011 with her Border Collie Shaka, rescue cat Dylan and  husband  Andrew.  Sabie and Shumba (more Border Collies) then joined the family. The family then further expanded with first son Kieran and then little Aidan.
"I love what I do. There is nothing more rewarding than working with and helping animals every single day. I am very lucky that my passion is my job."

Dr Morgan

I grew up in small town called Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. Animals were always a part of my life from an early age. Any pet imaginable - I had it! After completing high school, I moved to Pretoria to pursue my dream of becoming a vet. I first studied BScAgric Animal Science for 3 years before getting accepted to study Veterinary Science.

After qualifying, I worked in Johannesburg for a few years before moving to Cape Town in 2022. 

I currently live with my two rescue kids - Frankie and Daisy. In my spare time, you will find me outdoors, hiking and exploring all the beauty that Cape Town has to offer, especially the pet friendly places!

Becoming a veterinarian has given me the opportunity to make a difference and hopefully touch the lives of all those I encounter. I feel truly blessed to be able to live out my passion daily and to speak for those who don’t have a voice.   

“Kindness doesn’t cost a thing’’.


Growing up in Johannesburg,we always had dogs that formed part of our family. However, it was after moving to Cape Town more than 10 years ago that I rediscovered my passion for animals when I adopted my first ever cat called Mia, a calico kitty with the most beautiful nature.
I have always worked in a customer service environment, but it was Mia that inspired me to change my career path, and that is when I discovered my place at Briza Veterinary Clinic
I have now been here for almost eight years already and have seen the practice grow from a young small little practice into what we are today, and I am so proud of being part of that change. I continue to grow and learn from my colleagues, our clients and most importantly from our beautiful patients, who inspire me every day.
I am the carer of a beautiful cat called Grace Face, and a precious border collie named Shelby, who comes to work with me every day and is well known by our clients. I am so grateful for everything that Briza vet has given me and feel so incredibly fortunate to have found my place here with them. 


Kenneth grew up in the Eastern Cape. He moved to Cape Town and started working at Tygerberg Animal Hospital in 1999 to follow his passion of working with animals. He assisted in the hospital and was trained to assist in theatre 2 years later. He assisted in advanced orthopaedic surgeries including spinal surgeries. 7 years later he moved over to the Sonstral Tygerberg branch and started doing specialised exotic and bird practice there for 6 years . After this his journey took him to the welfare side of Veterinary practice in Stellenbosch Animal Welfare after which he decided to complete the full Veterinary spectrum by doing mixed practice in the Eastern Cape for a few years. In 2018 Briza Veterinary was extremely privileged to have Kenneth join our team. His extraordinary experience and skills as well as dedication, compassion and friendly face are something we could not manage without! Kenneth assists with nursing and theatre as well as doing our groomings. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Cape Town.


I spent a large part of my 20's working or exploring somewhere new, both locally and abroad. I hold a Diploma in Professional Cookery from The Pure Leith Collage of Food and Wine, a Higher Certificate in Fashion Design from DAF and obtained my Yoga Teacher Certification from The Himalaya Yoga Valley School in Goa, India in 2013. I simply love animals, so when the opportunity to work in veterinary presented itself, it was perfect timing to move my life into this field. I'm a dog mom to 2 rescue doggo's Rosie and Chiara who I adopted in 2016. I consider myself very lucky and I am just so grateful to have found a place here with the Briza family and I look forward to continue learning, growing with this amazing practice and to being of service to our wonderful clients and patients.


Adele is from Durban and relocated to Capetown in 2018 with her Fiancé & cats. She has 9 years' experience as a veterinary receptionist and loves meeting new people and their pets every day.

In her spare time Adele fosters rescue kittens and feeds stray cats and find it very rewarding to gain their trust and find them a loving home. She also enjoys photography and doing pet portraits.  

Her goal in life as impossible as it seems is to save all animals from any harm. She knows that together we can make a difference.

"You won't change the world by saving an animal, but you will change that animals' world"


I have always had an unconditional love for animals, the companionship and loyalty they have towards you is just immeasurable to anything I've ever known, coming home to my 3 fur children is always the best way to end my day. I have always dreamed of one day, if at all possible, to own a big acre of property to start up my own rescue and rehabilitation center for small pets. There is nothing more rewarding than helping an animal in need.

Working at Briza Vet has been nothing but a blessing for me, I have learnt and grown so much and have the best time catching up with all our awesome clients and their beloved furballs.